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Central Airmen Selection Board was formed at Air Force Station New Delhi (AFND) in May 1980 under the direct control of Air HQs. In 1996, it moved from AFND to Brar Square, Naraina. Central Airmen Selection Board is commanded by an Air Commodore who is designated as President CASB.


The role of Central Airmen Selection Board as outlined in the government approved policy page, is to test and enrol Airmen and NCs(E) for the IAF. Its primary tasks are as follows:-

  1. Prepare and standardise selection procedures
  2. Organise publicity drives
  3. Prepare question papers
  4. Conduct Scheduled Test (ST)
  5. Conduct of recruitment rallies across the country
  6. Prepare All India Select List
  7. Enroll candidates

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Salient Features

The salient features of Central Airmen Selection Board are as follows:-

  1. Transparency
  2. Uniform testing standards
  3. Common All India Select List
  4. Better checks and balances

Central Airmen Selection Board

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